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Bevis Pod is a male human who was introduced in Mortal Engines.

He was portrayed by Irish actor Ronan Raftery.


Bevis has pale skin, short brown hair, and a small brown stubble on his face. He wears a puffy grey jacket over his black t-shirt; a black belt to uphold his black pants; and brown fingerless gloves on his hands. There is also a magnet in his coat, which allows him to place a flashlight-like device on it effortlessly. His voice is similar to Tom's, but lighter and can get harsh at a moment's notice.


Mortal Engines[]

Bevis first appears bumping into Katherine and Tom as they make their way to the Gut. He later explains to Katherine about the hints he has heard about MEDUSA, Thaddeus' weapon. At the end of the film, he survives the finale and is accepting into Shan Guo as refugees alongside the other Londoners.


Katherine Valentine[]

Bevis becomes Katherine's main source for figuring out MEDUSA.

Tom Natsworthy[]

Its hinted that Tom and Bevis are friends and/or acquaintances.


"The first rule down here is to keep your mouth shut."
― Pod to Kate (Mortal Engines )

"Your father lies to a lot of people."
― Pod to Kate (Mortal Engines )


  • "Bevis" is a rare English name derived from an English surname that was derived from the French town Beauvais.[1]



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