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Chudleigh Pomeroy is a male human who was introduced in Mortal Engines.


Chudleigh is from African descent and wears the black-and-blue uniform of the Historians and wire-framed glasses.


Mortal Engines[]

Chudleigh is found by Katherine in the London Mueseum, who is looking for Tom. Chudleigh yells to himself: "Where the hell is Tom?" Tom comes running into the London Muesuem, flustered and embarresed from viewing the Salzhaken chase, and threatens him. Chudleigh leaves Tom to talk to Katherine about the Sixty Minute War. Later, he is seen when he helps Bevis and Katherine discover MEDUSA in St. Paul by walking through the Cat's Cradle. When MEDUSA is fired, Chudleigh is astonished about it. At the end of the film, he is a refugee of Shan Guo.


"Whatever they are doing in that church, has nothing to do with God."
― Pomeroy to Katherine Valentine (Mortal Engines )


  • Pomeroy's name comes from the names of two towns local to Philip Reeve, namely Chudleigh and Berry Pomeroy.[1][2]



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