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Herbert Melliphant was a male human who was introduced in Mortal Engines. He was a First Class Apprentice in the Guild of Historians.

He was portrayed by Australian actor Andrew Lees.


Herbert is thin, with pale skin and brown hair. He wears the black-and-blue clothing of the Historians, and has a haughty, accented voice.


Mortal Engines[]

Herbert first appears spying on Tom telling Katherine about the Sixty Minute War in a secret room. He later confronts and taunts him before sending him down to the Gut to search for relics.

Later, he appeared when Thaddeus exited the 13th Floor Elevator after his trip to Sharkmoor Prison, telling him about Tom's secret stash of Old Tech in the museum, hoping to get a promotion.

At the end of the film, he becomes a refugee of Shan Guo alongside the other Londoners with Katherine leading them.


  • "Herbert" is English name derived from the Old German elements "heri" ("army") and "beraht" ("bright"). It was borne by two Merovingian Frankish kings and several medieval saints.[1]


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