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Shrike is a Stalker who was introduced in Mortal Engines. He was Hester's guardian after her mother was murdered.

He was "killed" (deactivated) after being attacked multiple times by the Anti-Traction League and Tom Natsworthy on Airhaven.

He was portrayed by American actor Stephen Lang (though the actor is unrecognizable under many layers of costume, makeup, and visual effects).


Shrike is a metallic being who towers above most humans. His metallic hands and feet are flexible and his green eyes give him a menacing look.


Mortal Engines[]

Shrike was indirectly mentioned when Twix told Valentine that Sharkmoor Prison recently captured a Stalker whose prey is the same as the old man's - Hester Shaw.


Hester Shaw[]

Shrike raised Hester after her mother was murdered by Valentine. They traveled the Traction Era in their little corner of the world before Hester ran off to assassinate Valentine.



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