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Thaddeus Valentine is a male human who is the main antagonist of Mortal Engines.

He was killed when the 13th Floor Elevator was shot down by Tom Natsworthy with the Jenny Haniver's missiles, resulting in him being crushed by a slowing London.

He was portrayed by English actor Hugo Weaving.


Thaddeus was old, with pale skin, greying brown hair, and blue eyes. He wore fancy clothing.



Thaddeus frequently visited the Shaw residence, being Pandora Shaw's lover and the father of her child - Hester Shaw.

Over twenty years before the main events of the film, Pandora uncovered the "brain" of MEDUSA, a superweapon used during the Sixty Minute War. Valentine coveted the weapon, wanting to use it for his own purposes. Pandora refused to give up the weapon, and Valentine stabbed her for it. However, Hester was woken by the fight and came down to see what happened. In the fight, Valentine slashed at Hester's face, ripping the lower half of her face in two.

Before Valentine left the Shaw residence, he searched for Hester, but couldn't find her, as she hid from him. He them promptly left with the "brain" in the 13th Floor Elevator.

Mortal Engines[]

In the film, Valentine's role stays relatively the same, there are a few big differences. As opposed to being Chrome's underling, he is promoted to the main antagonist of the film and as such, is more villainous then his book counterpart. He also is aware of the relationship between him and Hester, and kills Magnus Chrome upon revealing his ambitions to him. Valentine's death also differs in the film; rather than being killed in London's destruction, his airship crashes after being shot down by Tom piloting the Jenny Haniver. Although Valentine survives the impact, he is trapped within the wreck, and is unable to escape as London barrels towards him and the treads roll over the ship, killing him instantly.


Hester Shaw[]

Hester Shaw is Valentine's daughter with Pandora Shaw.

When she first appeared, he was terrified of her, as her very existence could topple his public image.

Katherine Valentine[]

Katherine is Valentine's daughter with another women.

Pandora Shaw[]

Thaddeus was once close to Pandora, and fathered Hester with her.

Tom Natsworthy[]

Tom was an apprentice Historian that looked up to Valentine before his darker side was revealed.


"They're playing with fire."
― Valentine to Tom, about the Engineers (Mortal Engines )

"History doesn't care, it is dead."
― Valentine to Crome, about MEDUSA (Mortal Engines )

"Me? I'm the meteor."
― Valentine to Crome, shortly before he shoots him (Mortal Engines )


  • "Thaddeus" is the Greek form of the Aramaic name "Thaddai", which meant "heart".[1]



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